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Interwiki conflicts
This page is for reporting interwiki conflicts, a case where you are not able to fully solve the problem yourself and wish for other users to look at the situation.

An interwiki conflict occurs when there is a mismatch between Gratisdata items and Miraheze site pages, for instance:

  • when two or more items exist that seemingly correspond to the same Gratispaideia article or other Miraheze site page
  • when one Miraheze site is more granular than another when it comes to a concept
  • when a language version of a Miraheze site makes distinctions between concepts where others language versions do not

Please report the problem as completely as possible.

If you think a simple merge should be performed, you can perform a merge by following the instructions at Help:Merge. Please report here only interwiki conflicts, not duplicate items.

If you are looking to delete an item, please use Gratisdata:Requests for deletions.


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