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Wikidata : Gratisdata[edit]

What are the main differences between Wikidata and Gratisdata?

  • LicensesCollapseExpand
    Wikidata uses a dual license, in the sense that data in the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License, text in the other namespaces is available under the CC-BY SA 3.0 Unported License;
    Gratisdata uses a dual license also, in the sense that data in the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License, text in the other namespaces is available under the CC-BY SA 4.0 International License (newer and recommended);
    In practice this means that all core data from WikiData can be imported into Gratisdata, while rest can be imported under few conditions.
  • SizesCollapseExpand
    Wikidata currently has over 9 million data items available to everyone in the world, but can only be used as a repository by Wikimedia projects;
    Gratisdata currently has 3,863 data items that anyone can assess and use for free, can be used any wiki hosted be miraheze as a repository miraheze currently has 8378 wikis, which gives Gratisdata the chance of becoming big if wikis hosted by Miraheze decides to use it as a repository.
  • Functionalities and SoftwaresCollapseExpand
    Wikidata and Gratisdata uses the same software, which includes MediaWiki and Wikibase as the main softwares. Although there are some Wikidata functionalities that Gratisdata currently don't have, most of them are powered by Elastica, which Gratisdata currently does not have installed.
  • Visibility and UseCollapseExpand
    Visibility and Use Gratisdata currently has limited use and visibility among users who are informed of benefits of Knowledge Graphs and potential use of it based on Wikidata in Wikimedia. However wider community of Miraheze and other users are not informed and examples and possible use cases would be most useful for illustration in advocacy and promotion.

When Gratisdata, not Wikidata[edit]

What are the main benefits to Gratisdata over Wikidata that make it worth contributing here?

  • Open-source, free project?CollapseExpand
    Gratisdata is available to everyone in the world, can be read by both humans and machines. Anyone is welcome in contributing to the project. Functionality can be used by any wiki hosted by Miraheze. The available data can be used by anyone in the world.
  • Speed of achieving consensus?CollapseExpand
    Following the simple definition of consensus, consensus can be achieved on any topic raised on Gratisdata as long as all active contributors have shared their views and opinions, cleared out every air on the topic. This is a simple process that many projects have used and it helped them. For the moment Gratisdata has very few active users so speed of deliberation is faster then in big projects like Wikidata.

How sustainable is Gratisdata?[edit]

  • MaintainersCollapseExpand
    Gratisdata currently have about 6 active users who contribute to maintain its data. No matter how small or bit this figure is we still value every one of the contributors. We need YOU!
  • DevelopersCollapseExpand
    Currently, Gratisdata seeks developers who are familiar with and adept at using the software. We currently lack developers.
  • BackupsCollapseExpand
    Gratisdata has no special backups beyond that provided by for all servers. Please consider to support and its sustainability by donating.

How can one help Gratisdata's growth?[edit]

  • Content DonationsCollapseExpand
    Gratisdata will always be open to accept content that are also free, since Gratisdata is free. Only reliable, free, and publicly accessible data are acceptable for donation. Keep in mind that contributing data to Gratisdata offers advantages for your website as well, such making your data more visible and helpful to you and others, to name a few. By contributing your data to Gratisdata, you establish a structure and checklist to ensure that your subject is well covered and kept current in all Gratisdata-subscribed wikis, which are available in many different languages.
  • Creating and discussing about policies/guidelinesCollapseExpand
    As a relatively new initiative, Gratisdata relies on its community for discussion, policy creation, and amendment. All contributions are volunteers, thus they all have a say in developing policies that have an impact on the community. Regarding any community-focused component of the project, any contributor is welcome to express concerns or make suggestions for the formulation or establishment of a policy.
  • Administrative jobsCollapseExpand
    More volunteers, more contributors, and contributors interested in handling administrative tasks are all things that Gratisdata needs. The User access levels page provides a clear explanation of these administrative duties. All Gratisdata users are unpaid volunteers who provide administrative work on a pro bono basis.